A Two-Step Process For Safeguarding Trade Secrets

Your company’s trade secrets set you apart from the rest, giving you an advantage over competitors. Trade secrets are a form of intellectual property. They can be formulas, procedures or devices containing unique information pertaining to a business. Losing important information to your competitors can become an expensive mistake. Protect that information through a two-part process:

  1. Develop employment policies and contracts
  2. Employee education

A Deeper Look At How To Keep Trade Secrets A Secret

Employment policies and contracts are the first half of the puzzle in trade secret protection. Businesses should consider establishing contracts such as confidentiality agreements, nonsolicitation agreements and covenants not to compete.

These types of contracts are proactive measures to protect your property while simultaneously preventing disputes. A well-drafted agreement can help you avoid costly and time-consuming litigation processes. This is why it is important to get help drafting contracts through an experienced legal professional.

You should also train any new employees about what defines a trade secret and the legal ramifications for misappropriation of that information. Clark Firm PLLC offers complete and detailed counsel for both steps of this process. The firm can help you create training policies and employment manuals to enforce confidentiality rules.

Clark Firm PLLC offers almost 40 years of experience in contracts and agreements. The firm can help you draft and enforce contracts to comprehensively protect and preserve your business. With a deep knowledge of business law, employment law and intellectual property law, Steven E. Clark offers a multifaceted approach to legal counsel. Your business needs are covered.

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