The Legal Tools Of Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law is used to protect the rights of creators, business owners and entrepreneurs. Tools of intellectual property law such as patents, trademarks and copyrights, are used to safeguard ideas and allow the original creators to profit from them. You may find these tools essential to protecting the livelihood of your business or income.

Intellectual Property Protects Your Business

Dallas is becoming a major technological hub in the U.S. A number of startups are creating new and creative ideas in technology every day. Texas entrepreneurs should consider using legal tools to protect their businesses. Read below to find out if a patent, trademark or copyright is right for you.


A patent can protect an invention from being replicated and sold by someone other than the creator. To obtain a patent you must work through a complex, and sometimes lengthy, process of approval by the United States Patent and Trademark Office. The professional legal staff and attorneys at Clark Firm PLLC can be your guide through this process.


Trademarks or service marks protect your business brand. They ensure that a unique identifying word, phrase or symbol can only be used by your company. Examples of these include logos, marketing phrases and brand names. Clark Firm PLLC can help you obtain a federally registered trademark to get exclusive rights to your brand.


A copyright protects authorship of artistic, literary and architectural works or software. A legal copyright can protect your hard-earned work from being exploited and used for profit by anyone other than yourself. The firm’s attorneys can help you understand fair use rules and how to protect your original work from commercial exploitation through a copyright.

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