Keep Intellectual Property Safe

Unique ideas, designs and methods set your business apart from every other business. These types of distinctive ideas are considered intellectual property. The success of your business may depend on preserving that intellectual property. If you need legal protection for your intellectual property in the Dallas area, it is important to get help from a legal professional who can ensure you take appropriate steps to protect your livelihood.

Clark Firm PLLC, a national law firm that assists inventors, entrepreneurs and business owners with their intellectual property matters. Together Clark Firm PLLC can help you with any of the following legal measures:

  • Restrictive covenants and nondisclosure agreements
  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights

Protect Your Livelihood And Your Business With Clark Firm PLLC

You may be unsure which type of legal protection that your business or startup needs. A fundamental first step is to ensure that trade secrets remain a secret. Clark Firm PLLC can help you create confidentiality rules to protect your company’s unique formulas, procedures or devices. Steven E. Clark is highly experienced in developing employment agreements, policies and training procedures tailored to the specific needs of a business.

A second step to intellectual property protection is to consider if your work requires a copyright or a patent. These legal measures protect ideas and allow the original creators to profit from their ideas. Your business may also need a trademark to protect its brand. Learn more about the differences between trademarks, patents and copyrights here.

Experienced Attorney For Intellectual Property Law Representation

Steven E. Clark has almost 40 years of legal experience to help you protect your business. Contact our firm to arrange an appointment with a skilled intellectual property lawyer. Reach our convenient Dallas office by calling 469-513-1711, or fill out an online contact form.