Stop Issues Before They Can Begin

The health care industry in the Dallas area is constantly evolving as consumer needs continue to change. As an organization or practice owner, you must learn how to implement shifting practices, procedures and care plans while effectively maintaining compliance with state and federal regulations. It is important to take a proactive approach to regulatory compliance to avoid legal issues down the road.

Working proactively to create a compliance plan can help you prevent future audits, fines and legal disputes. The professional legal team at Clark Firm PLLC will help you design an effective and business-conscious compliance plan. The firm can help your organization comply with state and federal laws such as:

  • Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement regulations
  • The Stark Law
  • Anti-kickback laws
  • False Claims Act
  • ACA
  • Texas labor laws and Texas Workforce Commission
  • Employment regulations ADA, FMLA, OSHA

How To Create A Health Care Compliance Plan

A successful compliance plan begins with risk assessment. An attorney will begin by identifying points of risk throughout the organization or practice. Next, you will work with the attorney to develop policies and procedures that will be both practical and effective. Finally, a forward-thinking plan will contain continuing education for employees.

Steven E. Clark is a highly skilled business, employment and heath care law attorney. His diverse legal background helps clients understand the full consequences of their organizational choices. He is a practical attorney, offering cost-conscious and business-minded solutions. While it is always better to identify issues early on, Mr. Clark is proven to be a skilled litigation and audit defense lawyer.

An Experienced Lawyer On Your Side

Steven E. Clark has almost 40 years of legal experience. He offers comprehensive legal counsel to effectively solve your legal issue. Contact the firm’s Dallas, Texas, office location to schedule an appointment. Reach the firm by calling 469-513-1711, or fill out an online contact form.