Compliance Matters In Health Care Law

The health care industry poses high risk for liability and compliance issues. Help from an experienced health care lawyer can prevent legal disputes and protect your interests in the future when they occur. Clark Firm PLLC offers multifaceted legal counsel and dispute representation for health care businesses, facilities, groups and practices. Multifaceted counsel means that the firm assists with all your legal needs, including health care law, employment, business, regulatory compliance, litigation and organizational matters.

The attorneys at Clark Firm PLLC have over three decades of experience representing clients in the Dallas metroplex. The firm can assist you with developing policies and procedures, drafting and reviewing employment agreements, noncompete agreements, and employment exit negotiation. The firm also represents clients in:

  • Buying and selling of businesses and professional practices
  • Business and professional practice formation

Proactive Health Care Compliance Guidance

Ensuring compliance with state and federal laws is an essential part of running a successful and safe health care business. Clark Firm PLLC can help you establish a comprehensive plan for regulatory compliance. The firm can help you maintain compliance with the following regulations and more:

  • Anti-kickback laws
  • The Stark Law
  • False Claims Act
  • ACA
  • Medicaid/Medicare reimbursement regulations

We also assist with employment regulations such as ADA, FLSA, OSHA and regulations from the Texas Workforce Commission.

Health Care Audit Compliance And Defense

Audits can be a threat to the livelihood of your business. Getting detailed counsel before issues emerge is the best option, but Clark Firm PLLC offers audit compliance, defense and counseling services when issues arise. The firm offers legal counsel for Department of Labor audits, Medicare and Medicaid audits, qui tam and anti-kickback legal issues, and FLSA class action litigation, as well as home health care and nursing litigation.

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