Thorough Noncompete Agreements Protect Your Market Power

You trust your employees to support your business goals every day. They get to learn what makes your business unique. However, employees might not stay on your team forever. When they leave, they may become a competitor who knows how you operate.

Serving Dallas employers and entrepreneurs, Clark Firm PLLC provides a legal solution. Restrictive covenants such as noncompete agreements can shield a business from internal threats well into the future. The firm’s lawyers can help you develop a strategy to protect trade secrets and your competitive edge.

Build Protection Within Contracts

When drafting a noncompete agreement, critical factors include:

  • Purpose: Noncompete agreements should only reflect legitimate, compelling interests of the business.
  • Scope of restricted actions: The limitations should protect the business without unfairly limiting the career opportunities of the employee.
  • Geographic scope: An agreement should fairly specify the region in which the employee cannot perform restricted activities.
  • Duration: The restrictions should only last for a reasonable period.

Some restrictions might be unreasonable depending on the situation. If the terms of a noncompete are unreasonable, a judge may find the contract unenforceable if a dispute arises.

Instead, the agreement should match the employer’s specific goals and circumstances for each employment contract. Therefore, seeking customized legal counsel allows you to raise the likelihood of enforcing your contract in court if necessary. Clark Firm PLLC attorneys have decades of experience with business law. The firm’s team can design a comprehensive agreement for you.

Effective Resolution For Noncompete Disputes

If an employee violates a noncompete agreement, business owners can sue for breach of contract. Alternatively, an employee might contest the validity of the agreement to escape its restrictions.

Clark Firm PLLC adamantly represents business clients in employment litigation. The attorneys’ careful attention to the details of your company and the agreement helps them form a strong position for settlement negotiation or trial. The Clark Firm PLLC team is prepared for complex disputes – including class actions – at the state and federal levels.

Discuss Noncompete Clauses With Experienced Attorneys

Clark Firm PLLC can help you create a solid foundation to protect your business. Call 469-513-1711 or send an email to schedule a consultation. The team at Clark Firm PLLC knows how to customize contracts in Texas employers’ interests.