Audit Compliance

Whatever your Texas business type, industry sector, size and revenue, if you have employees, you are subject to a complex array of state and federal employment laws. Running your company in good faith and treating workers fairly in your view are not enough to ensure compliance.

The Clark Firm PLLC in Dallas can provide experienced legal counsel before any problems emerge. If you are facing a government agency audit or inspection, your choice of an attorney to advise and represent you could prove critical.

Upfront Compliance Counsel For Businesses

Employee complaints and actions involving failures to pay minimum wage or proper overtime, misclassification and other such issues are on the rise. State and federal authorities cooperate in their active enforcement efforts. Applying nearly 40 years of experience and widely recognized employment law knowledge, we provide comprehensive counsel and defense on Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) issues and various other challenges faced by Texas employers.

You can turn to Clark Firm PLLC with confidence at any point in the development of your business – and at any point in the legal process if employment law violations are alleged. We can assist you with:

  • Development of policies and record-keeping systems that will enable your business to handle either a Department of Labor audit or Texas Workforce Commission (TWC) inspection
  • Preparation for any such audit, inspection or inquiry, which will likely require turning over records and may involve employee and ex-employee interviews
  • Thorough analysis of facts, circumstances and evidence in order to find the best defense strategy if you are facing potentially costly litigation or financial penalties

Turn To A Practical Adviser And Problem-Solver

Our experience enables us to quickly grasp the key issues, exposure and risks our clients face when employment law disputes and regulatory challenges arise. We will focus on finding the best way to protect your business and individual interests.