Legal Counsel Helping You Overcome CBD Oil And Cannabis Business Issues

The stigma of marijuana is changing. Until the early 70s, Texas had some of the strictest cannabis laws in America. Possession of any amount of cannabis could be charged as a felony. The minimum penalty was two years in prison, and a life sentence was possible. Now CBD oil and cannabis-related businesses can be legal.

The negative views of marijuana use continue to change, and more people are legally able to use hemp-based CBD oil and medical cannabis products. That creates growing market and business possibilities. If you have a CBD oil or cannabis business (or you want to start one) in Dallas, across Texas, in neighboring states or anywhere in the country, call our experienced business attorneys at the Clark Firm PLLC.

Ensuring You Meet Your Legal Requirements

Our law firm can help businesses get established. We can help you choose the correct entity, ensure you meet state and federal compliance regulations, and that you are not unintentionally violating laws. Even though the image of these business opportunities continues to improve, there are still negative views in the public and among lawmakers. An experienced attorney is incredibly important for your growing business, especially in the marijuana industry.

The products include:

Cannabidiol (CBD). A compound in hemp/cannabis plants.

CBD oil facts:

  • Health and therapeutic benefits
  • Legal since the 2018 Farm Bill was signed
  • Projected profits by 2024 – $24 billion

Cannabis (marijuana). The psychoactive drug is becoming more accepted in many states, including Texas. Medical/recreational use is also becoming more acceptable.

Cannabis facts:

  • Medicinal use for cancer, depression and other medical issues
  • Economic annual impact in the U.S. – over $20 billion
  • Projected economic impact by 2024 – almost $80 billion

Protect Yourself And Your Business Interests

We can help you overcome a variety of business issues, including:

  • Banking issues. Many banks are hesitant to do business with marijuana-related businesses.
  • Capital. There is still a negative perspective due to the perceived risk. That can create issues for entrepreneurs trying to raise capital.
  • Compliance. These issues frequently come up, including shipping and receiving across state lines.
  • Product liability issues.

Your CBD Oil And Cannabis Business Advocates

Our business attorneys at the Clark Firm PLLC can help defend you and your CBD oil and cannabis business. Call our Dallas office at 469-513-1711 or email us.