Business Transactions And Agreements

At the essence of most businesses is the prospect of exchanging goods and services that will add value to customers and business partners while producing profit for your Texas business. Whether you are preparing to do business with end-user customers, engaging in deals with other businesses or negotiating internal business agreements with partners or shareholders, legal guidance can help you avoid pitfalls while focusing on the delivery of high-caliber products, services and collaboration.

The Heart Of Most Businesses

Clark Firm PLLC in Dallas is a transactional law firm that advises business owners and managers as they:

  • Develop products and services
  • Market products and services
  • Manufacture goods and fine-tune service protocols
  • Buy or sell goods and services
  • Cultivate ongoing relationships with other businesses that buy or sell products and services to Clark Firm PLLC

Entrepreneurs and business owners are generally independent-minded and resourceful. It is natural to worry about costs associated with working with a law firm. However, do-it-yourself legal advice presents its own pitfalls. Clients of Clark Firm PLLC repeatedly commend attorney Steven E. Clark for the valuable guidance and risk avoidance the firm provides as they create, negotiate and finalize contracts and business agreements. Contact the law firm for counsel on matters such as:

  • Creating and signing business operation agreements internally
  • Adding partners or shareholders
  • Creating stock options
  • Negotiating and formalizing vendor-supplied contracts
  • Creating and negotiating “master of services” agreements
  • Reviewing, modifying, creating and/or formalizing equipment leases and commercial property leases
  • Reviewing and carrying out purchase and sale agreements
  • Entering into franchise agreements

Consult Us For Your Next Business Transaction

Timing can be critical when business opportunities present themselves or when closure of a business is eminent. An early case analysis by an attorney can pay for itself many times over. Call 469-513-1711 or schedule a consultation through this website.