Business Litigation Attorneys Protecting Your Rights

A lot of business people are competitive risk takers. Taking big risks can yield big rewards. Now that you have taken chances to build a business, you have something to protect.

Call the experienced business litigation lawyers at Clark Firm PLLC
for the help you need to protect your business, your assets and your interests. Steven E. Clark, the firm’s primary attorney, has been practicing business law for about 40 years. He has litigated a variety of issues for business owners and he knows how to protect your legal concerns.

Litigation Services For All Types Of Disputes

Whether you are a business owner, you are an individual, or you represent a large business or corporation, we can assist you. Our team can help if you are concerned about your finances or investments, if you have a partnership disagreement, or if you are fighting charges of unethical behavior. Not all business transactions go smoothly. We can help you through a variety of business litigation issues.

We will work with you to avoid litigation. All cases are unique, and we cannot guarantee that we can keep your case from litigation. We will mediate for you and try to keep the case out of court. However, that is not always possible. In those cases, we will go to court with you, protecting your rights and your business interests.

Experienced Business Litigators Working For You

We can effectively litigate a variety of cases, including:

  • Breach of fiduciary duties. Sometimes, business partners and shareholders violate their partners’ rights or do not do what was promised.
  • Employment issues. Defenses against employment-related claims of discrimination, harassment, pay or overtime issues and more.
  • Finances and investments. Do you suspect an investment broker did not act on your behalf? Did they promote bad investments? Did they deceive you?
  • Fraudulent transfers. Did someone fraudulently transfer their assets to keep from paying your claim?
  • Insurance disputes. We can help with Homeowner, life, health, bad faith, uninsured or underinsured drivers, professional liability and more.
  • Intellectual property. Can include disputes over intellectual property, patents, trademarks or copyright issues.
  • Real estate transactions. We can litigate for you if your purchase, sale, lease or refinance did not go as planned.

A Deep Understanding Of The Litigation Process

The business litigation lawyers at Clark Firm PLLC have the experience you need to protect your rights and assets. Visit our contact us page or call 469-513-1711 .