Tips for entrepreneurs in the service industry

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Many entrepreneurs want to start a product-based business. They have a patent on a new product, or at least an idea, and they believe people will buy it. The goal is to market it to show how it solves a problem, why it offers more than similar products, etc.

Service-based businesses can be much different. Services could include landscaping, roofing, plumbing, and the like. The end result is typically the same; i.e., someone who needs a new roof is going to get one from whatever company they hire. The value lies in other areas. If you’re starting a business like this, here are a few tips that can help.

Decide why your company is unique

Even though you’re not offering a product that is unique, your service itself can be. For instance, maybe you offer the fastest service in the area, or maybe you have the best prices. Perhaps you’re a veteran-owned business or a female-owned business. No matter what your unique factor is, hammer down on that and market accordingly to show people why they should pick you for the best results.

Harness modern technology

You know your service is valuable, but where are the people who need it and how can you connect with them? Modern technology, such as social media, can help tremendously. Typically, people are already looking for the service you offer. You don’t have to convince them they need it, as you do with a product. You just have to find them, offer what they already want and convince them to choose your company.

Focus on the quality of the service itself

They say the best marketing is word-of-mouth recommendations. To get them, your focus needs to be on quality: A high-quality experience, high-caliber results, ease of communication, etc. You need your clients and customers to like you and enjoy the process so that they tell others about your services. Remember, the big difference between you and the competition lies in these interactions.

Setting up your company

Our firm offers comprehensive and forward-thinking business strategies. If you’re looking to set your business up and position it for success, be sure you know exactly what steps to take.