On Behalf of | Mar 25, 2020 | Coronavirus |

Dear Clients, Friends, Future Clients, and Colleagues:
We sincerely hope you and your loved ones are well during this period of global anxiety. The health and well-being of our visitors and employees remains our top priority and we are committed to doing our part to keep everyone safe as we continue to serve our clients with minimal disruption.
At this time, for the safety of our employees, clients and friends, we have opted to work remotely. We can make appointments to meet one-on-one when the situation warrants a personal meeting. And not to worry, your phone calls will be answered by one of our staff so do not hesitate to call us at our office or send us an email.  We can also set-up telephone, zoom (or any videoconference platform), e-mail, or any means necessary to answer your impending legal questions.
The Clark Firm is here to help you and your business, especially during this tumultuous time for our city, state and country. In the coming weeks and months, many of you will likely be required to navigate a myriad of difficult legal issues. We are here to assist you by any means possible to help alleviate problems that have been caused by the Coronavirus and the resulting global pandemic.
Due to the economic uncertainty, the Clark Firm anticipates a few legal issues that could arise such as an uptick in:
1. Demand letters to collect cash from outstanding debtors.
2. Contract analysis with specific emphasis on delayed performance, non-performance, and force majeure clauses.
3. Wills and Power of Attorneys.
4. Individuals who want to start and incorporate their own businesses due to layoffs or unforeseen job security.
5. Urgency for filings with the court system, including the state and federal courts.
6. Formation of businesses for the intended purpose of transacting e-commerce.
7. Privacy Policies, Employee Handbooks, and Terms and Conditions for websites.
8. Employee and Independent Contractor legal issues surrounding termination events, layoffs and payment of wages, salary or benefits.
9. Non-Disclosure Agreements and Non-Compete Clauses and the proper legal analysis to help navigate them.
The Clark Firm team stands ready to continue to assist you in your business and legal needs, whether in contracts, healthcare, construction, labor and employment, and litigation matters. If you, your friends, or colleagues need any assistance, please do not hesitate to reach out! As always, we are here for you. Most importantly, stay safe, and healthy!